Terms & Conditions

The work undertaken on taxidermy orders is subject to the following conditions:
Processing will commence on receipt of a 50% deposit. If the deposit is not received within six months, the trophies will be taken into stock one month after registered written notice.
All articles will be paid for in full after completion of the order and before delivery thereof.
If a client fails to fully pay for the goods within one month’s written registered notice, trophies will be sold to defray any expenses incurred.
No written, verbal or implied guarantee relating to the processing of the trophies as set out in Taxidermy orders is given and we accept no liability whatsoever for any loss or damage, actual or consequential due to fire, theft or negligence by the factory staff or third parties, nor for any damage caused by bacterial contamination or any other cause. All raw materials are stored and processed at the sole risk of the owner thereof.
The written instructions as to processing, colour, shape and finish will be strictly adhered to.
The client consent in the event of any dispute arising, to the jurisdiction of the Court, to be prepared to pay all attorney and client costs.
No other terms and conditions between the parties either express or implied and any variation of these terms, shall be reduced to writing and signed by the parties.
Proof that the trophies were legally acquired must be available.