Our administrative department will start processing all documents needed for exporting your hunting trophies. The outfitter or professional hunter must supply us with documentation regarding all aspects of the hunt; where it took place, all land exemption permits, hunting rights of areas hunted, special hunting permits for more rare species, permission to hunt in the area as well as a copy of his professional hunting register and taxidermy register. After all of these are received we can start to apply for the export permits from Nature Conservation. Some of the export permits are only valid for six months, so the application must be carefully planned so that the trophy can reach its final destination with a still valid export permit.

Bare the fact that for CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of wild fauna and flora) listed animals, CITES permits are more difficult to obtain and might take longer to be issued than ordinary export permits. For all CITES I listed animals a CITES import permit must be obtained by you the hunter from your country before any CITES I export permit from the Republic of South Africa will be issued. Please see to it that the exporter on the CITES I import permit is Nylstroom Taxidermy and not your hunting outfitter. This will make application for the export permits much easier in South Africa.

Nylstroom Taxidermy is glad to be recorded as a veterinary approved taxidermy. Our premises, working environment and methods has been inspected by the Directorate of Veterinary Services from the Department of Agriculture of the Republic of South Africa and found to comply with current requirements pertaining to import and export hunting trophies. This inspection is done annually so you can rest assure that your hunting trophies are all treated to the best standard available in South Africa.

Please supply us with all your contact details: home phone, home fax, e-mail, mobile phone, business phone and fax. The more contact details we have the easier it will be to stay in touch, not only for us but also for the export company. Supply us with your address where you would like your trophies consigned to as well as a custom broker / clearing agent if you know one close by, otherwise the export company will appoint one whose service is reliable and fast.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions regarding your hunting trophies. E-mail is the most convenient way of communication with the big time difference of certain countries but also faxes and phone calls will keep us in touch.

A fifty percent deposit is required prior to our commencing production on your trophies. We accept payment by bank guaranteed cheque, credit card (Master / VISA) or by means of a wire transfer directly to our account here in South Africa. The balance due will be invoiced for before the trophies will leave our studios for the export company. No crate will leave before final payment is received and cleared by the bank into our account. Our quotes do not include freight cost, since this can only be determined once the crate is packed, measured and weight.